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Technology Development Board Announces Financial Assistance for Innovative Agricultural EV Project

New Delhi: The Technology Development Board (TDB) under the Department of Science and Technology (DST) has announced financial assistance to M/s Krishigati Pvt. Ltd., Pune, for the development of electric vehicle (EV) technology tailored for intercultural farming operations.

The project, titled “Axle-Less Multipurpose Electric Vehicle for Modern and Precision Farming,” represents a significant step towards the indigenization of EV technology in agriculture. TDB’s financial support underscores the project’s potential to drive technological advancements within the agricultural industry, showcasing confidence in this innovative agricultural start-up.

At the heart of this initiative is India’s first-ever “Self-Propelled Electric Agricultural Tool Bar” (Krishigati Electric Bull), an intellectual property-based solution designed to advance climate-resilient farm mechanization. This cutting-edge tool aims to support the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare’s objectives by indirectly contributing to the doubling of income and production for marginal farmers.

Krishigati’s project goal is to produce and market these innovative tools, which are poised to make a substantial impact on the agricultural sector. The demand for this technology is significant, as no other company currently offers an axle-less multipurpose electric vehicle specifically for agricultural use. This creates both a substantial market need and economic opportunity.

The Krishigati Electric Bull represents a major advancement in agricultural technology, promising enhanced efficiency and productivity in farming operations. By providing a sustainable and innovative solution, this project is set to transform intercultural farming practices, aligning with the broader goals of modernizing Indian agriculture and improving the livelihoods of farmers.

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