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Bhubaneswar: In a responsive move to public demand, the Odisha State Government has decided to extend the deadline for online registration of applications for the BSKY Nabin Card.

Odisha Govt Assures Continuation of BSKY Card, Instructs Hospitals to Maintain Treatment

Bhubaneswar: In response to reports of some private hospitals denying cashless treatment to beneficiaries of the Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana (BSKY), the Odisha government on Thursday reiterated that the health facility scheme remains very much active and is supported by an approved budget.

The state government urged empanelled hospitals to continue providing treatment to BSKY cardholders as before, stressing that the scheme has full budgetary backing. An official statement from the Health and Family Welfare Department clarified the situation, assuring that the BSKY scheme is ongoing and fully funded.

“Hospitals are to continue treatment to beneficiaries and all claims raised by hospitals will be paid by SHAS (State Health Assurance Society) as before. The MoU signed with empanelled hospitals remains in force. Hospitals are requested to continue the treatment as before,” the statement read. It emphasized that hospitals must ensure patients do not face any difficulties or disruptions in availing services.

The government provided data to underline the continued functionality of the scheme, noting that empanelled hospitals booked treatment packages for over 5,800 patients on June 4 and more than 5,389 patients on June 5.

The government also advised BSKY cardholders not to panic or be confused about the status of the scheme, addressing concerns that arose from reports of private hospitals refusing cashless treatment.

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