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Sri Lankan Air Force Officer Promoted to Air Commodore during Prestigious NDC Course in New Delhi

Sri Lankan Air Force Officer Promoted to Air Commodore during Prestigious NDC Course in New Delhi

New Delhi:  Group Captain AKKR Abeysinghe of the Sri Lankan Air Force, currently undergoing the 64th National Defence College (NDC) course in New Delhi, achieved a significant milestone today as he was promoted to the esteemed rank of Air Commodore.

The promotion ceremony, held at the NDC campus, saw the Commandant and Faculty of the NDC personally affixing the new insignia on Air Commodore Abeysinghe’s uniform. The officer, known for his dedication and exemplary service, received warm congratulations from his peers and superiors in recognition of his meritorious achievements.

The unique aspect of this promotion ceremony was the virtual presence of Air Commodore Abeysinghe’s family, who joined online from Sri Lanka to witness the special moment. As the officer’s new rank was adorned, the joy and pride were palpable through the virtual connection, highlighting the significance of family support in military careers.

The NDC course members, recognizing the achievement and acknowledging the hard work put in by Air Commodore Abeysinghe, extended their heartfelt best wishes to both the officer and his family. The camaraderie among the course participants was evident as they celebrated this noteworthy event, fostering a sense of unity and shared accomplishment.

Air Commodore AKKR Abeysinghe expressed his gratitude for the support he has received from the NDC Commandant, Faculty, and fellow course members. He emphasized the importance of the NDC course in shaping military leaders and fostering international cooperation.

The promotion of Air Commodore Abeysinghe not only marks a personal achievement but also adds to the pride of the Sri Lankan Air Force. It highlights the dedication and professionalism of the officer, reflecting positively on the nation’s military capabilities.

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