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President of India Commemorates Golden Jubilee Celebration of Brahma Kumaris in Cuttack

President of India Commemorates Golden Jubilee Celebration of Brahma Kumaris in Cuttack


Cuttack:  The President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu, graced the golden jubilee celebration of Brahma Kumaris in Odisha, held today in Cuttack. Speaking at the event, the President lauded the contributions of Brahma Kumaris in spreading spiritual consciousness and eternal Indian values both within the country and globally.

Addressing the gathering, President Murmu emphasized the crucial role of spiritual and religious institutions in fostering values such as non-violence, peace, harmony, brotherhood, and tolerance. She expressed her happiness in observing Brahma Kumaris’ commitment to promoting these values not only in India but also around the world. The President commended the organization’s efforts in publicizing yoga and meditation as essential practices for well-being.

President Murmu took a moment to reflect on the prevailing pursuit of material pleasures in contemporary society. She shared her perspective that true happiness is not solely derived from materialistic pursuits, urging individuals to recognize that real contentment comes from limiting material desires.

Highlighting the essence of Dharma as a way of life, the President applauded the efforts of Brahma Kumaris in helping people realize the purpose of their lives. She underscored their role in spreading the light of knowledge, guiding individuals to lead lives filled with peace and harmony. President Murmu asserted that true development can only flourish in an environment of prevailing peace.

Dispelling the notion that one must abandon worldly duties to tread the path of spirituality, the President emphasized the compatibility of spiritual principles with everyday life. She encouraged individuals to adopt righteous living and extend a helping hand to others, asserting that happiness and peace can be attained through these actions.

The golden jubilee celebration of Brahma Kumaris, graced by the presence of the President of India, stands as a testament to the organization’s dedication to promoting spiritual values and contributing to the holistic development of individuals and society.

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