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Sports Minister Honours Odisha’s Ironman Triathlon Champions

Bhubaneswar: The Sports & Youth Services Department (DSYS) celebrated the exceptional achievements of three Ironman triathletes from Odisha. Sports Minister Tusharkanti Behera presented awards to Soubhagya Rath, Dr. Ranjan Kumar Sahoo, and Bijaya Kumar Das.

Soubhagya Kumar Rath, who earned the Ironman title in 2019 and 2022 in Hamburg and Kazakhstan, recently added another achievement by summiting Mount Elbrus in 2023. Bijaya Kumar Das secured the Ironman title in 2022 in Kazakhstan, while Ranjan Kumar Sahoo achieved this remarkable feat in 2023, also in Kazakhstan.

Minister Tusharkanti Behera praised the athletes for their unwavering commitment, highlighting their dedication to preparing for the challenging Ironman competition. He underlined the inspirational journey of an Ironman, embodying values such as discipline, hard work, and an indomitable spirit. The Sports Minister also reaffirmed the government’s dedication to promoting sports and honoring outstanding athletes, encouraging them to raise awareness about their sport.

The Ironman triathlon is a demanding test of endurance, comprising a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2-mile marathon run, all to be completed sequentially within a specified time frame.

The three Ironman champions from Odisha expressed their gratitude to the Department and Sports Minister for the recognition, acknowledging Coach Gopal Krushna Sahu’s unwavering support throughout their journey. They hope their achievements will inspire others to embrace the Ironman Triathlon and pursue their dreams relentlessly, regardless of the challenges they may encounter.

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