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BMC Cracks Down on Latecomers, Implements Strict Punctuality Policy

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to instill punctuality and discipline among its workforce, the Bhubaneswar Municipal Commission (BMC) has rolled out stringent measures against latecomers.

The BMC has issued a directive mandating punctuality for all its employees, regardless of their employment status or role within the organization. This directive extends to regular employees, contractual workers, consultants, and those employed in outsourcing roles, including staff at zone offices and BMC hospitals.

According to the directive, all employees are required to report to work by 10:00 A.M. and register their attendance through the biometric device installed at the premises. Any employee arriving beyond the designated time of 10:30 A.M. will be marked as late. The biometric attendance system will serve as the primary basis for issuing absentee statements for all official purposes.

While employees are permitted to arrive late up to two times a month, they must provide valid justification for their tardiness. However, exceeding this limit will result in deductions from their casual leave (CL) entitlement. Specifically, employees arriving late more than twice in a month will face deductions of half a day’s CL from their account. Furthermore, habitual latecomers, those tardy ten times a month, will be subject to disciplinary action.

Recognizing the need for flexibility, especially for employees engaged in field duties, the directive allows for leeway with prior approval from the concerned section head. However, for staff without CL or earned leave (EL) provisions, one day’s salary will be deducted for every seven days of late attendance in a month, with further tardiness classified as unauthorized absence.

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