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Special screening of ‘Dennaa the Wings’ held in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: A special screening of the film Dennaa the Wings, was held at Buddha Mandir auditorium, Bhubaneswar on March 20.

Based on the story of child Education amid Corona, the film has been directed by filmmaker  Santosh Panda. He is also the writer of the film.

The 45 minutes duration film, is has been receiving many national and international accolades in various International Film Festivals. It has bagged over 30 International awards.

It has been selected and screened in various International Film Festivals including Cannes
World Film Festival, France, World Film Carnival, Singapore, Sweden Film Award, Lift off Global
Network, UK, Film Olympiad Greece, Indo French International Film Festival, ARF International Film Festival, Paris, Crown Wood International Film Festival, Black Swan International Film Festival, Tagore International Film Festival, Hodu International Film Festival, Reels International Film Festival, Golden Bee International Children’s Film Festival, Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival, Mumbai International Film Festival of India among others.

The film has received best film, best director, best actor, best child artiste, best script, best screenplay, best cinematography and best production awards in many films festivals.

Known for his award winning films like Sabas Biju and The Art of Life, Panda said, “Being an Odia, representing your state and country at the international platforms gives immense satisfaction and proud feeling”.

Veteran artistes Choudhury Bikash Das, Mamata Mohanty, Kalinga Dash, Kuni Panda, Panu Behera, Subhasmita Panda and Child Artistes Suhana Kar, Tapas Sarangi, Kalyani Panda have performed in the film.

The film is now available in YouTube in channel Rainbow.

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