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Sambalpur Zoo Implements Special Measures to Protect Animals for heat

Sambalpur: With the scorching heat of summer engulfing the region, authorities at Sambalpur Zoo have stepped up efforts to ensure the well-being of animals under their care. As temperatures soar above 40 degrees Celsius, the zoo has implemented various initiatives to shield animals from the adverse effects of the heatwave, including heatstroke and dehydration.

The annual process to safeguard animals from the sweltering heat commenced in March this year. Notably, a new measure introduced this summer involves providing large ice cubes to bears and leopards to help them cope with daytime heat stress. Additionally, all 28 animal enclosures have been equipped with bamboo sheds and thatched roofs, while water holes have been created for wallowing to help animals cool themselves. Thatch roof sheds are sprinkled and showered with water throughout the day, and air coolers have been installed in the enclosures of leopards and bears.

Furthermore, animals are receiving a special summer diet consisting of glucose, oral rehydration solution (ORS), honey, and other electrolytes, along with ample water to keep them hydrated. Fruits with high water content, such as watermelon, sugarcane, cucumber, papaya, grapes, and tomatoes, are being fed to the animals in the form of salads since March. To mitigate the heat entering bird enclosures, they are covered with green nets and bamboo thatching. Moreover, the newly created Orchidarium featuring 101 species and the Rose Garden are being watered with green nets.

In addition to implementing measures to combat the summer heat, the zoo has welcomed several new arrivals. Animals including chowsingha, blackbuck, spotted deer, sambar, and palm civets have given birth to 2 to 4 offspring each during April this year. Furthermore, after a long period, the rock pythons inside the new Nocturnal House have laid 15 eggs on May 1.

During the winter of 2024, new additions to the zoo included blackbucks and hogdeers, alongside the establishment of the Orchidarium, Rose Garden, and Nocturnal House.

Despite the heat, the zoo continues to attract visitors, with around 1000 visitors from Sambalpur and nearby districts, as well as from Chhattisgarh, visiting during holidays in the summer. The storytelling sessions held in the zoo park every Sunday remain a popular attraction for visitors. To enhance visitor experience, new water facilities, toilets, and a restaurant have been established at the entry gate.

With a diverse range of 18 varieties comprising 350 animals housed in 28 enclosures, Sambalpur Zoo remains committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for its inhabitants amidst the challenges posed by the summer season.

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