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Odisha Startup Shines on Global Stage: Anup Paikaray’s Inspiring Journey

Bhubaneswar: An inspiring success story emerges from the heart of Odisha as Anup Paikaray, a middle-class boy from Bhubaneswar, achieves international recognition by defeating competitors from some of the world’s most prestigious universities. Anup, the Founder of Newrup Tech Solutions, a startup supported by Startup Odisha, recently graduated from Odisha University of Technology and Research with a degree in Electronics and Instrumentation.

Anup’s journey to global acclaim began when he emerged as the winner of the Smartideathon contest organized by GITAM University in August 2023. This victory earned him a coveted spot in the Boston immersion program at Northeastern University, where he spent March to April 2024. In Boston, Newrup Tech Solutions participated in the renowned business presentation event, Pitchathon, competing against startups from renowned institutions such as Harvard University and MIT Innovation Lab.

Despite initial apprehensions about competing against such esteemed competitors, Anup’s determination and courage propelled him forward. Taking the stage, he began with the words “Jay Jagannath” and proceeded to deliver an impressive performance. After a rigorous competition, Anup emerged victorious, securing a cash prize of 2 lakhs and a prestigious trophy. His proud moment of waving the Indian flag in front of a global audience showcased the talent and potential of Indian students on the international stage.

Anup’s journey of success doesn’t end there. His startup, Newrup Tech Solutions, has previously garnered numerous accolades, including the Best Student Startup of the Year 2023 by Startup Odisha, the Green Bengal Innovation Contest, the 3M Young Innovator’s Award, and the Azim Premji Social Enterprise Award. Additionally, he has received support from esteemed institutions such as Nidhi Prayas from KIIT Technology Business Incubator and SISFS from AIC Nalanda.

Anup Paikaray’s story is a testament to the power of passion and persistence. It exemplifies that one’s background or university does not determine success; rather, it is the drive to pursue one’s dreams relentlessly. His journey is set to inspire countless Indians to explore entrepreneurship as a viable career path, fostering innovation and growth in the country’s startup ecosystem.


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