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Reactivation of Duck Breeding Farm in Khapuria, Cuttack to Boost Livestock Farming

Bhubaneswar: Responding to the demand for duck breeding among farmers, the Duck Breeding Farm at Khapuria in Cuttack has been revitalized under the guidance of Ranendra Pratap Swain, Minister of Agriculture & FE, Fisheries, and ARD. The farm, which was previously inactive, played a crucial role in supplying duck chicks to support livestock farmers in the state.

The reactivated farm, managed by the Fisheries and Animal Resources Development Department of the State Government, is now equipped with modern technology, including hatchers and setters. The machines are capable of incubating three thousand eggs at a time, with chicks expected to hatch after 21 days. The newly hatched chicks will be made available to livestock farmers at an affordable price, catering to both backyard duck rearing and semi-commercial duck farming.

To ensure a sustainable supply, duck eggs for hatching are sourced from the Central Poultry Development Organization in Hessarghata, Bengaluru, Karnataka. The Khapuria Farm will primarily provide Khaki Campbell and Indian Runner breeds, suitable for both egg and meat production. The farm aims to supply approximately one lakh chicks annually.

Rural farmers, through backyard duck rearing, can not only secure nutritious food for their families but also contribute to income generation through semi-commercial duck farming. The reopening of the Duck Farm at Khapuria is welcomed news for animal husbandry farmers in the state. Farmers interested in obtaining ducklings can contact the farm manager, Dr. Chittaranjan Sen, at 99381 32290.

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