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Government Launches Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP) and 'Chakshu' Facility to Strengthen Cybersecurity Measures

Government Launches Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP) and ‘Chakshu’ Facility to Strengthen Cybersecurity Measures

New Delhi:  To strengthen cybersecurity efforts, the Minister of Communications, Railway, and Electronics & Information Technology, Ashwini Vaishnaw, alongside Minister of State for Communications, Devusinh Chauhan, officially launched the Department of Telecommunications (DoT)’s ‘Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP).’ This innovative platform is designed to facilitate coordination among various stakeholders to combat the misuse of telecom resources in cyber-crimes and financial frauds.

During the launch event, Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw emphasized the government’s persistent efforts to counter cyber-frauds under the ‘Secure India’ project at national, organizational, and individual levels. He highlighted the Department of Telecommunication’s initiatives to raise awareness and empower citizens to address grievances and protect themselves from cyber threats. The Minister praised the ‘Sanchar Saathi’ portal and announced the addition of two new tools – DIP and ‘Chakshu’ – aimed at significantly enhancing the capacity to tackle cybersecurity threats.

Minister Devusinh Chauhan commended the successful completion of several projects by DoT in countering cybersecurity threats and mentioned ongoing efforts to develop more projects to address emerging frauds.

Telecom Secretary Dr. Neeraj Mittal emphasized the role of the new portals in dealing with cyber threats to citizens’ digital assets. He highlighted that DIP and ‘Chakshu’ would play a crucial role in curbing fraudulent activities and misuse of communication systems.

Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP):

Developed by the Department of Telecommunications, DIP is a secure and integrated platform for real-time intelligence sharing, information exchange, and coordination among stakeholders, including Telecom Service Providers, law enforcement agencies, banks, financial institutions, and social media platforms. The platform serves as a backend repository for citizen-initiated requests on the Sanchar Saathi portal, providing relevant information to stakeholders based on their roles. Importantly, the platform is not accessible to citizens directly.

‘Chakshu’ Facility on Sanchar Saathi portal:

‘Chakshu’ is the latest addition to the citizen-centric facilities available on the Sanchar Saathi portal. This feature allows citizens to report suspected fraud communication received via calls, SMS, or WhatsApp, with intentions such as KYC expiration, bank account/payment wallet updates, SIM-related issues, and more. In the event of cyber-crime or financial fraud, citizens are encouraged to report incidents to the cyber-crime helpline number 1930 or the Government of India’s cybercrime reporting website (

The launch of DIP and the ‘Chakshu’ facility reaffirms the DoT’s commitment to empower citizens and foster a secure digital ecosystem. By encouraging vigilant reporting and taking proactive measures against suspected fraud communications, the DoT remains dedicated to safeguarding the interests and well-being of every citizen.

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