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Raksha Mantri Rajnath Singh Celebrates Holi with Soldiers in Leh

Leh: The festival of colours, Holi, was imbued with patriotic fervour as Raksha Mantri Rajnath Singh celebrated the occasion with soldiers in Leh on March 24, 2024. Accompanied by Chief of the Army Staff General Manoj Pande and General Officer Commanding, Fire and Fury Corps Lt Gen Rashim Bali, Rajnath Singh lauded the unwavering commitment and bravery of the soldiers serving in challenging terrains and adverse weather conditions to safeguard the nation’s borders.

Addressing the soldiers, the Raksha Mantri praised their valor, determination, and sacrifices, emphasizing that their dedication to duty surpasses even the harshest of conditions. Referring to Ladakh as India’s “capital of valor and bravery,” akin to Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru in their respective domains, Rajnath Singh highlighted the pivotal role played by the soldiers stationed in the region.

“The entire country feels secure knowing that our brave soldiers are steadfastly guarding our borders. It is because of their vigilance and sacrifice that we can lead peaceful lives and celebrate festivals with our families,” he remarked, expressing gratitude on behalf of the nation for their service.

The Raksha Mantri underscored his belief in celebrating festivals alongside the protectors of the nation, announcing his decision to inaugurate festivities a day in advance with soldiers. Encouraging the Chiefs of the three Services to adopt this tradition, he envisioned such celebrations becoming integral to India’s cultural fabric, spanning diverse terrains from the snowy peaks of Kargil to the scorching plains of Rajasthan and even the deep seas where submarines are stationed.

In a solemn tribute to fallen heroes, Rajnath Singh laid a wreath at the War Memorial in Leh, honoring the brave souls who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to the nation.

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