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Prime Minister Modi Inaugurates Permanent Campus of IISER Berhampur

Berhampur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the permanent campus of the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Berhampur, located at Laudigaon in the Rangeilunda block of Ganjam district, through a virtual ceremony on Tuesday.

Previously operating from the transit campus of ITI, Berhampur, since the academic year 2016-17, the new permanent campus is a significant step forward for IISER Berhampur. The campus includes an academic building, hostels, canteen, dining hall, community center, dispensaries, and residential complexes for lecturers and staff. Catering to sports enthusiasts, the campus also features tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts, a cricket pitch, and a stadium.

The State Government played a pivotal role in this development, providing 200.435 acres of land and additional infrastructure for the IISER Berhampur permanent campus. The dedication of the permanent campus reflects the government’s commitment to advancing education and research in the region.

The Prime Minister, in his address during the virtual ceremony, highlighted the importance of such institutions in fostering scientific temper and innovation in the country. The permanent campus is expected to provide a conducive environment for academic and research pursuits, further contributing to the growth of science and education in the region.

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