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Odisha Forest Department Initiates Special Training Program to Tackle Human-Animal Conflict

Bhubaneswar: Taking a proactive stance on mitigating the escalating human-animal conflict, the Odisha Forest Department has launched a specialized training program for its personnel. The training focuses on equipping them with the skills to effectively utilize modern equipment, aiming to minimize instances of conflict.

Currently, the training session is in progress at the Nandankanan Zoological Park in Bhubaneswar. Forest personnel are being trained in the use of a diverse array of modern equipment, including guns, trap cameras, range finders, and more.

In a strategic move, the department has established rapid response teams for 18 forest divisions. Each team comprises six young personnel and a ranger-level officer as the team leader. These teams are designed to respond swiftly, reaching the location within 1 to 1.5 hours of receiving a call and taking necessary actions to address the situation. The teams are equipped with modern tools that facilitate the safe capture of wild animals.

Chief Wildlife Warden Susant Nanda emphasized, “We are providing hardware and software training to the unit members. We will offer customized vehicles that can carry cages and other equipment. By April 1st, we aim to operationalize all 18 teams.”

The department assures that the use of modern equipment will not cause harm to the wild animals. Practical and theoretical training is being imparted to the Rapid Response Teams in Bhubaneswar, with the expectation that the teams will commence operations by April after completing their training in March.

“The training will boost the confidence of our personnel, and response time will decrease. The use of advanced equipment will also minimize harm to the animals,” stated Debidutta Biswal, PCCF. The initiative reflects the department’s commitment to effectively manage human-animal conflict and safeguard both wildlife and communities.

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