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Polling Preparations Underway for 102 Parliamentary Constituencies Across 21 States

New Delhi: As the electoral machinery gears up for the next phase of polling in the ongoing General Elections 2024, 102 Parliamentary Constituencies spanning 21 states are scheduled for voting on April 19, 2024. To oversee the smooth conduct of elections, a comprehensive deployment of observers has been initiated, with 127 General Observers, 67 Police Observers, and 167 Expenditure Observers strategically positioned across these constituencies.

All deployed observers have reported to their respective constituencies well in advance of the last nomination date, ensuring thorough preparation and coordination ahead of polling day. In a meeting chaired by Rajiv Kumar, Chief Election Commissioner, alongside Gyanesh Kumar and Sukhbir Singh Sandhu, Election Commissioners, stringent directives were issued to the deployed observers to uphold the integrity and fairness of the electoral process.

The trio of election officials emphasized the critical role of observers in safeguarding the electoral process, urging them to meticulously oversee polling stations to ensure the provision of essential amenities for voters, particularly amidst challenging weather conditions. With the onset of summer, observers were instructed to take proactive measures to combat heat-related discomfort among voters and polling staff.

Moreover, observers were directed to maintain vigilance to prevent any attempts at inducement or voter coercion near polling stations, especially during the crucial phase of the first round of voting. The efficient utilization of security forces and the maintenance of law and order were also highlighted as key priorities to ensure the peaceful conduct of elections.

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