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over 40 highlands created in Kaziranga to protect animals from floods

Guwahati: With the insistent rain pounding the north-eastern states for the past couple of days, Assam is witnessing floods in many parts of the state.

To protect the animals of Kaziranga National Park and other forests from floods, the Assam government has built over 40 scientifically designed highlands to rescue the wildlife.

Forest Minister, Parimal Suklabaidya informed, “The forest department is completely prepared to rescue animals from the current floods in national parks and wildlife sanctuaries throughout the state.”

“We have effectively finished the construction of approximately 40 highlands to address the current flood crisis across Assam,” he added.

The highlands are scientifically constructed with ample grass and vegetation bearing fruits such as elephant apple and Indian gooseberry.

Suklabaidya believes that the highlands would allow the forest officials to rescue the animals and decrease the animal casualties during floods.

As per the officials of Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve (KNPTR), the park contains 144 man-made hills, including 33 large ones for keeping animals during floods.

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