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ORMAS’s Gaon Amba Pasara Bazaar kicks off in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Panchayati Raj & Drinking Water Minister Pradip Kumar Amat inaugurated the Odisha Mango Logo and launched the Mango on Wheels initiative today.

The aim is to promote and distribute a wide variety of mangoes across all wards of Bhubaneswar.

Like every year ORMAS has been organising the Gaon Amba Pasara event near SIRD campus from 8th June to 13th June.The bazaar will showcase mangoes from seven districts, namely Angul, Bolangir, Kalahandi, Raygada, Koraput, Mayurbhanj, and Sambalpur.

Amat also praised ORMAS for its commendable efforts in connecting farmers with markets through training, procurement, and online sales.

The unique selling point of these mangoes lies in their natural ripeness and farm-fresh quality.

In addition to the stalls near the SIRD campus, citizens of Bhubaneswar can enjoy the freshness of these mangoes through mobile vans. These vans will sell mangoes sourced directly from farmers in various producer groups and companies from the aforementioned seven districts. This event also provides an opportunity for the members of producer groups and companies to showcase and sell their farm produce.

The SIRD Mango Bazaar will offer a wide range of mango varieties, including Amrapalli, Dusheri, Lengra, Baiganpalli, Totapuri, and Mallika.

During the launch, Poonam Guha, the CEO of ORMAS, explained that the Odisha Mango logo symbolizes the commitment to farm-fresh and naturally ripened mangoes produced by the farmer groups of Odisha. “ORMAS has played a significant role in supporting pre and post-harvest operations and marketing,” she added.

ORMAS has collaborated with Mother Dairy, NAFED, Reliance, and other local traders for mango supply. Since 2019, they have supplied 110 metric tonnes of mangoes with a turnover of Rs. 2.98 crores, benefiting over 2,000 farmers across 48 producer groups and companies.

Farmers have received support from ORMAS throughout the process, and the event is being promoted on a national level to attract more buyers.

Customers can conveniently purchase these farm-fresh mangoes online through platforms like Swiggy Scoopy & Evergrow Now. ORMAS also provides cotton jute bags and special carton carry boxes to discourage the use of polythene.

Apart from these initiatives, ORMAS has undertaken various collaborations with leading companies to support Odisha’s farmers. For instance, they have signed an MoU with Mother Dairy (Delhi) to supply mangoes from Mayurbhanj, Angul, Sambalpur, and Raygada. Furthermore, farmers are supplying their produce to the markets in Ranchi, Bokaro, and Raipur.

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