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Odisha train accident: Bahanaga High School likely to be demolished

Balasore: In response to the concerns raised by parents and students regarding the attendance of classes at Bahanaga Bazaar High School, where the bodies from the tragic triple train accident on June 2 were temporarily kept, Balasore Collector Dattatraya Bhausaheb Shinde announced on Thursday that the rooms utilized as a mortuary might be demolished.

However, the final decision will be taken after a thorough discussion.

During a meeting with the school managing committee, staff, and local representatives, it was suggested to demolish the old rooms that had been converted into a mortuary. The collector has requested them to pass a resolution supporting this action, which can then be forwarded to the government for further consideration.

Notably, the school has recently undergone significant transformation as part of the 5T HST initiative, including the introduction of new smart classrooms, laboratories, and an updated library, among other infrastructural improvements.

Collector Shinde has urged everyone to refrain from spreading unfounded beliefs about ghosts among impressionable young minds. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a scientific temperament and discouraging blind thoughts or superstitions.

However, measures are being taken by the school and mass education department to counsel students, parents and teachers.

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