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Open Library for booklovers at Ekamra Haat

Bhubaneswar: Book lovers visiting the newly renovated Ekamra Haat have got a reason to feel happy. An open, out of the box library has been installed at the haat. It is unique as an old refrigerator for beverages with a glass door has been reused as a library. Attractive Pattachitra artwork has been done on the refrigerator to promote book reading.

This library has been set up by Bakul Foundation in partnership with the State Institute for Development of Arts and Crafts under the guidance of the Department of Handlooms, Textiles and Handicrafts.

On the occasion of Children’s Day, Chief Advisor to the Chief Minister of Odisha, R Balakrishnan inaugurated the library in the presence of Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Department of Handlooms, Textiles and Handicrafts Shubha Sarma.

This refrigerator library has about 200 books. This includes books in both Odia and English for children and adults as well. It is unmanned and anyone can pick up a book and read in the premises. People interested can also donate a book there. 

Bakul Foundation has been running a library movement in the state to promote reading with public contributions. It has been attempting to bring books to public spaces and has set up a library inside Biju Patnaik Park as part of that attempt. In the park also, Bakul has set up an open tree library, where one can similarly pick up and read books at any time. It had also experimented with similar fridge libraries in primary schools in Ganjam as its Phailin response.

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