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Odisha Women in Media Joins Forces with Police for a Green Mission in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: A green initiative unfolded in Bhubaneswar as Odisha Women in Media (OWM), comprising approximately 180 women journalists, teamed up with the Commissionerate Police for a seed ball-making and plantation drive at Chandaka Police Station. This collaborative effort, led by Commissioner of Police Soumendra Priyadarshi and Deputy Commissioner of Police Prateek Singh, signifies a collective commitment to addressing environmental concerns through hands-on action.

Emphasizing the transformative impact of small yet meaningful steps, participants, including police officials, actively engaged in crafting seed balls during the event. Additionally, they planted saplings at various locations within the Chandaka police station premises.

The green ambassadors focused on planting a variety of saplings, including mango, jackfruit, guava, lichi, and bakul plants. Seed balls were created with the seeds of drumsticks, radhachuda, custard apple, and various flowering plants.

DCP Prateek Singh commended the initiative, emphasizing its positive environmental impact. He pledged support for the strategic distribution of seed balls in areas with the potential to flourish into green zones.

This collaboration exemplifies Odisha Women in Media’s active involvement in community-centric initiatives, ranging from awareness campaigns to plantation drives and training programs for emerging women journalists. The joint effort with the Commissionerate Police underscores a shared commitment to environmental sustainability and highlights the potency of collective endeavors in creating a lasting impact on the community.

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