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Cyclone Michaung: Chennai Grapples with Worst Rainfall

As the looming threat of the Severe Cyclonic Storm “Michaung” intensifies, the coastal areas of South Andhra Pradesh, particularly between Nellore and Machilipatnam, including Bapatla, are bracing for impact. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has projected a landfall during the forenoon of 5th December, accompanied by maximum sustained wind speeds of 90-100 kmph and gusts up to 110 kmph.

Simultaneously, Chennai is grappling with the worst rainfall it has experienced in the last 80 years. The situation has led to the closure of Chennai airport, with the runway inundated due to heavy rainfall and waterlogging. Several areas in the city are facing severe waterlogging conditions. The impact has forced the cancellation of all train services, adding to the chaos. Authorities are actively engaged in the evacuation of residents from low-lying areas to ensure their safety.

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