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Odisha State Govt Raises Minimum Wages Across Categories

Bhubaneswar: To improve workers’ livelihoods, the Odisha Government has approved a hike in minimum wage rates for various categories of employees across the state. The decision, cleared by the Cabinet on Wednesday, reflects the government’s commitment to aligning wages with current economic conditions and the rising cost of living.

Under the provisions of the Minimum Wages Act, 1948, the revised minimum daily wage rates are set to benefit workers in different skill categories. The revised rates are as follows: unskilled workers will see an increase from Rs. 352 to Rs. 450 per day, semi-skilled workers from Rs. 392 to Rs. 500, skilled workers from Rs. 442 to Rs. 550, and highly skilled workers from Rs. 502 to Rs. 600.

The notification also includes provisions for Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA), which will be adjusted every six months based on the All India Consumer Price Index Number for industrial workers, effective from April 1st and October 1st each year.

Key highlights of the notification are:

  • The minimum wages include basic rates, cost of living allowances, and provision of essential commodities.
  • Workers are entitled to wages for the weekly day of rest.
  • The revised rates apply to employees engaged by contractors as well.
  • Persons with disabilities will receive wages equivalent to workers in their respective categories.
  • There is no gender-based wage discrimination; male and female workers receive equal pay.
  • Adult employees are expected to work eight hours per day with a half-hour rest period.
  • Definitions for unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled, and highly skilled work categories are provided:
    • Unskilled: Simple operations with minimal skill or experience required.
    • Semi-skilled: Basic skills acquired through job experience, performed under supervision.
    • Skilled: Competency gained through training or experience, requiring initiative and judgment.
    • Highly skilled: Advanced skills acquired through intensive training or extensive experience, involving full responsibility for decisions.

The revised wages aim to enhance the standard of living for workers across various sectors in Odisha, ensuring equitable compensation and fostering a conducive work environment. The government’s decision underscores its commitment to social welfare and economic parity, aiming to uplift the workforce and promote sustainable growth in the state.

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