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Odisha Drivers Set to Embark on High-Paying Jobs in Japan

Bhubaneswar: Odisha has achieved a significant milestone as thirty skilled drivers from the state are poised to start lucrative careers in Japan. In a ceremony held today at Kharavel Bhavan, Bibhuti Bhusan Jena, Minister of Commerce and Transport, Steel, and Mines Department, honored these drivers for their success and extended his best wishes.

Minister Jena emphasized the importance of good behavior, safety, and zero casualties as guiding principles for the newly recruited drivers. He underscored that the Commerce and Transport Department has fulfilled its commitment to provide employment opportunities as per the government’s manifesto, making Odisha the first state in the country to create such innovative avenues for its drivers.

The initiative marks a significant leap forward in Odisha’s efforts to facilitate international employment for its drivers, surpassing previous arrangements that focused solely on domestic opportunities. The selected drivers will receive attractive salaries and benefits in Japan, setting a precedent for future collaborations between Odisha and global markets.

The recruitment process was conducted in collaboration with a Japanese delegation and Navis HR, involving rigorous selection from 180 participants trained at the State Government’s Heavy Vehicle Training Center. Prior to their departure, these drivers will undergo comprehensive training in Bengaluru covering Japanese language, culture, and regulations, with full support for passport and visa arrangements.

The initiative aligns with the state’s ongoing efforts to enhance road safety and driver proficiency through schemes like SuVahak. Implemented by the State Transport Authority, SuVahak includes comprehensive training facilities across Odisha that have already benefited thousands of drivers with skills enhancement and employment opportunities.

Speaking at the ceremony, Usha Padhee, Principal Secretary of the Commerce and Transport Department, highlighted the state’s commitment to empowering its workforce with global opportunities. She reiterated the government’s dedication to supporting such initiatives that contribute to both economic growth and individual prosperity.

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