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Odisha Government Enhances Stipend for Multilingual Education Volunteers to Boost Tribal Education

Bhubaneswar: In a significant move towards promoting education among tribal children in the state, the Department of Schools and Public Education has deployed Multilingual Education Volunteers (MLE(EV)) in tribal districts. This initiative aims to attract tribal children towards education and bridge educational gaps in these regions.

The concerns and challenges faced by these volunteers were brought to the attention of Karthik Pandian, the Chairman of the 5-T initiative, during his visit to the district. Taking note of their issues, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has taken affirmative action to address their demands.

In a compassionate response, Chief Minister Patnaik has approved an increase in the stipend of Multilingual Education Volunteers (MLE(EV)) from the existing Rs. 5379 to Rs. 10,000. Additionally, the multilingual teachers working in SC and ST Development, Minorities, and Backward Classes Welfare Departments will be regularized based on merit, as per the orders given by the Chief Minister.

This decision is expected to not only uplift the morale of the Multilingual Education Volunteers but also contribute to the holistic development of education in tribal areas. The Odisha government continues its commitment to promoting inclusive education and addressing the unique needs of different communities in the state.

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