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BDA Introduces Night Jungle Safari to Ekamra Walks in Bharatpur

Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) has unveiled an exciting addition to the Ekamra Walks experience – the Night Jungle Safari in Bharatpur. Commencing on March 1, this new venture promises an exhilarating exploration of the wilderness under the shroud of night, offering a thrilling nocturnal perspective to Bhubaneswar’s cherished heritage walk series.

The Night Jungle Safari, commencing from Ekamra Haat, provides a unique window every weekend from 6.15 PM to 8.30 PM into the enigmatic nocturnal world of Bharatpur’s dense forests. Aimed at nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers, this initiative allows participants to witness vibrant wildlife activity that comes to life after dark.

Starting from Ekamra Haat, the safari takes participants on a one-hour journey into the wild, promising not just adventure but also an educational experience. Guided by experts, the safari invites individuals to discover nocturnal creatures and their habitats, comprehend the ecosystem’s dynamics at night, and appreciate the importance of conservation.

Conducted every weekend, the Night Jungle Safari caters to both locals and tourists, offering a fresh perspective on wildlife exploration and a chance to connect with nature in an entirely new light. It is more than just a trail; it’s an adventure that invites the brave and curious to delve into the darkness and uncover the unseen life of the forest.

For those eager to be part of this unique experience, registration details and additional information can be found on the Ekamra Walks official website, Join us to traverse the mysterious path less traveled and reveal the nocturnal secrets of Bharatpur with the Night Jungle Safari – a trail where adventure meets education under the starlit sky.

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