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Odisha CM Orders Crackdown on Illegal Land Encroachments

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Chief Minister Mohan Charan Majhi has issued a stern directive to district magistrates across the state to remove illegal encroachments from government-owned lands. The order, given on Monday, mandates the clearance of unauthorised land grabs in both urban and rural areas.

“Government-owned lands are primarily meant for development and public welfare purposes,” stated CM Majhi. “Due to unauthorised land grabbing, developmental works are being hindered. Therefore, all illegal encroachments must be cleared immediately.”

In his directive, CM Majhi emphasized the importance of reclaiming government lands to ensure they can be used for their intended purposes, which include various development projects and public welfare initiatives. The directive aims to address the growing concern over land grabbing, which has been a significant obstacle to development in many parts of the state.

Following the removal of encroachments, the Chief Minister has ordered that the lands be fenced off and marked with signboards indicating government ownership. This measure is intended to prevent future encroachments and clearly identify the lands as government property.

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