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Odia Pride and Language Are in Danger: PM Modi

Bhubaneswar: During an interview with a national news channel, Prime Minister Narendra Modi voiced his concerns regarding the state of Odisha’s pride and language, emphasizing that they are under threat. Addressing the issue, he stated, “Odia language and Odisha’s asmita (pride) are under threat. I don’t think Odisha people will tolerate it for long.”

When questioned about the failure of alliance talks with the Biju Janata Dal (BJD), Modi highlighted the issue-based support provided by the BJD and other parties. However, he noted a distinct relationship with the BJD in Odisha.

Highlighting Odisha’s abundant mineral resources, Modi expressed disappointment over the state’s lag in several developmental aspects. He remarked, “Despite being richly endowed with mineral resources, Odisha is lagging in several aspects. It should have become the No. 1 state in the country, but where is it today?”

Asserting that the BJP is poised to bring about transformative change in Odisha, Modi stated, “Therefore, I think that it is time that the BJP should get an opportunity to serve the people of Odisha now. If we get the chance, we will take Odisha to the pinnacle of development.”

Prime Minister Modi’s remarks come at a time when several BJP leaders in Odisha have been vocal about safeguarding Odia asmita (pride). The statement underscores the BJP’s commitment to addressing the concerns of Odisha’s identity and fostering its development.

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