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24 Meritorious Students Return to Odisha After Successful Internship Program in Singapore

Bhubaneswar: A group of 24 meritorious students from the World Skill Center (WSC) in Bhubaneswar arrived back in the state after completing a rewarding 6-month Paid Internship Program in Singapore.

The ‘Student Internship Program’ is a flagship initiative of the World Skill Center aimed at providing students from the ‘School of Engineering’ and ‘School of Services’ departments with invaluable exposure to leading international organizations. Selected through a rigorous process, these students undergo a comprehensive training program before embarking on their internship journey.

Sonalika Sethy, a student of Mechanical and Electrical Services, shared her joy upon receiving her first salary from Goodwood Park Hotel in Singapore. She remarked, “As the daughter of a hardworking farmer, being able to financially support my family is my greatest achievement. The experience gained during my internship will undoubtedly shape my future career path, and I am immensely grateful to World Skill Center for this opportunity.”

During their 6-month stint in Singapore, the students gained valuable insights into the application of cutting-edge technologies and honed their skills in a global work environment. Ajaya Mangraj, a student of Mechatronics, highlighted the significance of his internship at YTL PowerSeraya, stating, “My dream of interning in a foreign city like Singapore has been realized, thanks to World Skill Center. In just three months, I acquired invaluable knowledge and skills in modern technology that will undoubtedly propel my career forward.”

Established in the Mancheswar industrial area of Bhubaneswar, the World Skill Center is renowned as India’s premier skill development institution.

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