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National Workshop Explores Digital Solutions for Climate-Resilient Agriculture in Rainfed Eco-systems

National Workshop Explores Digital Solutions for Climate-Resilient Agriculture in Rainfed Eco-systems

New Delhi:   The National Rainfed Area Authority (NRAA), under the Department of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare, Government of India, hosted a landmark National Workshop on ‘Digital Forecasting Techniques and Decision Support System for Climate Resilient Agriculture in Rainfed Eco-systems’ today. Chaired by Faiz Ahmad Kidwai, Additional Secretary of the Department of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare, and CEO of NRAA, the event brought together key stakeholders to delve into innovative solutions for enhancing climate resilience in rainfed agriculture.

The workshop commenced with keynote addresses from esteemed speakers, including insights from Mr. Takayuki Hagiwara, the FAO Representative in India, and Dr. Shri Franklin L. Khobung, Joint Secretary (RFS). The discussions revolved around refining forecasting models, developing a robust decision support system, and implementing effective risk mitigation measures, such as advisories for crop selection, nutrition management, weather alerts, pest and disease management, market information, and post-harvest advisories.

Eminent experts in the agricultural and climate domain chaired technical sessions, providing in-depth insights into digital forecasting techniques and the Integrated Systems to Access Agricultural Resources. Geo-spatial Solutions and the role of AgriMedia in empowering agriculture were among the focal points of the discussions.

The workshop facilitated vibrant open-house discussions on the outcomes of the NRAA-FAO project, with a specific focus on assessing effectiveness and devising strategies for upscaling technologies. Beneficiary farmers shared their experiences, offering practical insights into the implications of digital forecasting techniques on the ground.

The event served as a crucial platform for government officials, agricultural experts, researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders to explore innovative strategies and technologies aimed at bolstering climate resilience in rainfed agriculture. Representatives from government bodies, agricultural experts, NGOs, and farmers converged to contribute their expertise, ensuring a holistic approach to addressing the challenges faced by rainfed agriculture.

The workshop concluded with a forward-looking vision, emphasizing collaboration and knowledge exchange to pave the way forward for sustainable agricultural practices. Participants expressed optimism about the transformative potential of digital agriculture, foreseeing its ability to revolutionize the sector and enhance livelihood security for farmers across the country.

As India takes strides towards a more resilient and sustainable agricultural future, the National Workshop on Digital Forecasting Techniques stands as a testament to the commitment of stakeholders in harnessing technological advancements for the benefit of the farming community and the nation as a whole.

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