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National Commission for Indian Medical Systems Hosts ‘PRANA’ National Conference

New Delhi: The National Commission for Indian Medical Systems (NCISM) organized a two-day national conference, ‘PRANA’ (Protecting Rights and Novelties in ASUS: Mind to Market for Indian System of Medicines [ISM] Professionals), in collaboration with the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell. The conference, marking NCISM’s fourth foundation anniversary, aimed to foster innovation and protect intellectual property in the field of Indian systems of medicine.

The seminar featured a host of innovations with potential for patenting, commercialization, or technology transfer, providing a fertile ground for startups. Discussions focused on supporting innovators in ISM, emphasizing the vast opportunities for advancement in Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Sowa-Rigpa.

Padmashree Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary of the Ministry of Ayush and Chief Guest at the inauguration ceremony, highlighted the timeliness of the conference. He stressed the importance of promoting Indian systems of medicine through educational institutions nationwide and underscored the immense scope for innovation in ISM.

Vaidya Jayant Deopujari, Chairperson of NCISM and the Board of Governors CCIM, Ministry of Ayush, spoke about leveraging knowledge as an asset and opportunity for institutions. He lauded the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell for creating approximately 15,000 Institute Innovation Councils (IIC), noting that these initiatives would significantly shift perceptions of intellectual property rights and innovation.

NCISM, a statutory body established under the NCISM Act, 2020, ensures the availability of high-quality medical professionals in ISM, the adoption of the latest medical research, and periodic assessments of ISM medical institutions. Since its inception, NCISM has undertaken numerous reforms in medical education, research, practice, and capacity-building, elevating Indian medical systems to global standards.

An online survey conducted by NCISM among ISM professionals and students revealed significant innovative activity: 115 patents granted, 112 patents applied for, and 183 developed innovations yet to be patented.

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