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Mothers Public School to Organize Walkathon to Promote Water Conservation

Community-Driven Initiative Aligns with Sustainable Development Goals

Bhubaneswar: Mothers Public School is set to host a walkathon on May 1, with the aim of raising awareness about water conservation and the prudent use of drinking water. This community-driven initiative reflects the school’s commitment to creating a healthier, more inclusive world, in line with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

The walkathon, scheduled to commence from the Unit-1 campus at 6:05 am, will cover a distance of 3 km. The event, aimed at fostering awareness on water conservation, will be inaugurated by Jayant Kumar Dora, ACP Traffic. Over 200 participants, comprising staff and students of Mothers Public School, will join the walkathon to spread the message of water conservation among the public.

“Education is a human-centered profession, and educators are our greatest asset,” remarked Poly Patnaik, Chairman and Principal of Mothers Public School. She emphasized the importance of prioritizing the health and well-being of educators, highlighting the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, mental, financial, and social aspects.

Minati Sabat, Managing Director, echoed the urgency of addressing climate change and reducing carbon footprints. “Our planet is running out of time! Climate change is no longer something that can be ignored,” she stressed. Sabat urged individuals to take action and mobilize others, emphasizing the collective responsibility in combating climate change.

Under the visionary leadership of Poly Patnaik, Director Sreejet Patnaik, Managing Director Minati Sabat, and Vice Principal Asha TR, Mothers Group of Institutions is dedicated to prioritizing societal service. The institution’s endeavors align with global sustainable goals, focusing on areas such as health and well-being, food security, quality education, and public awareness.

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