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Mission Shakti Cafe opened in all block headquarters of Sundargarh

Sundargarh: To provide healthy food items to the visitors of various government offices, the district administration of Sundargarh has opened Mission Shakti Cafe in all the block offices.

Mission Shakti Cafe run by WSH groups at all block offices are getting popular among visitors as they serve healthy lunch, breakfast, and evening snacks at an affordable price in a hygienic setup.

The WSHG members are getting good returns by managing the cafes.
“Earlier we were engaged in various traditional works. Now, with help from the District Administration, we are running Mission Shakti Café where we prepare food items as per peoples’ choice. We try to ensure that people get good food in a homely atmosphere,” said Nilima Kullu, a WSHG member from Kutra block.

“We were given training at Sundargarh after we were selected for managing Mission Shakti Café. The training programme focused on the preparation of various food items while ensuring hygiene at the café premises. We are now getting good returns by running the café,” said Mamina Kujur, a WSHG member from Birsa block.

As the pilot project of the programme, an ‘Utkal Kitchen’ was opened in Kuarmunda block (of Sundargarh district) in 2021 with financial support from the Odisha Mineral Bearing Areas Development Corporation (OMBADC).

In the subsequent period, ‘Mission Shakti Cafes’ were set up in the rest 16 blocks of the district. The District Mineral Foundation (DMF), Sundargarh has been extending the required finances for the management of the cafes.

The Mission Shakti Cafes serve breakfast, lunch, and afternoon refreshments on all 6 working days of the week, and are open between 8 am and 6 pm. The breakfast items include Bara, Alu Chop, Idli, etc, while the lunch meal has Rice, Dal, Curry, Chips, Assorted fried vegetables, and Sag. People preferring non-veg food may choose between Egg, Fish, and Chicken dishes. Pakoda (Saudi) and Singada (samosa) are served in the afternoon along with tea and coffee.

“Earlier, I would frequently fall ill by eating spicy and oily food at hotels. These days I regularly eat at the Mission Shakti Café ever since it opened. I feel better now,” said Bishwaranjan Das, a young patron at Birsa block.

“Women managing the café are well mannered and are keeping the premises neat and clean. That’s why it feels good to eat in the homely atmosphere of the café,” said Mandakini Patel, a customer at Kutra block.

The WSHG members have imparted the necessary training in the management of the Cafes which includes the preparation of food as well as customer care. Mission Shakti Cafes in Sundargarh district have become a powerful medium in making WSHG members self reliant.

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