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In search of Buddhist remains ASI starts excavation at Parabhadi hill

Bhubaneswar: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has given approval for the excavation at the Parabhadi hill in Jajpur district of Odisha. The site is believed to be a Buddhist site with the remains of a stupa visible.

Informing about the excavation Dibishada B Garnayak, head of Bhubaneswar circle said, “It is a Buddhist site and we believe that there used to be a stupa due to its circular appearance. The stupa is partially exposed and with a proper excavation it will help us to get a better picture.”

A team archeologists have started the excavation at the Parabhadi site  on Thursday which is likely to continue till March. “We have just started the excavation and we are hopeful to get a good result soon,” he added.

Located close to popular Buddhist site Lalitgiri, the Parabhadi hill was earlier selected by Odisha government in 2021 for stone mining for the beautification of Puri. However, locals opposed the decision due to its historical significance.

“The purpose of the excavations at the Parabhadi hill is to protect the site from further damage and illegal stone quarry. After the excavation the site will be properly conserved” informed Garnayak.

The Narahuda site in Khurda, has also been approved  by ASI for excavation which is believed to be of Chalcolithic site.

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