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Ministry of Food Processing Industries Gears Up for World Food India 2024

New Delhi: Anita Praveen, Secretary, Ministry of Food Processing Industries (FPI), chaired a roundtable interaction with industry leaders at Invest India, focusing on the upcoming World Food India 2024 event. The discussion, held yesterday, aimed to apprise the industry of the plans for the event scheduled from 19th to 22nd September 2024 and foster collaboration between the ministry and key stakeholders.

The roundtable session witnessed active participation from senior representatives of leading agri-food companies, marking a continuation of efforts to engage stakeholders and outline the Ministry’s action plan for World Food India 2024.

Addressing the participants, Secretary Smt. Anita Praveen highlighted the growth and extensive opportunities within the food-processing sector. She conveyed that the ministry envisions a larger scale for the 3rd edition of World Food India compared to the successful 2023 edition. Smt. Praveen extended a warm invitation to companies, urging them to participate enthusiastically in the Mega Food Event slated for September 19th to 22nd, 2024, in New Delhi.

During the session, participating companies expressed keen interest in joining World Food India 2024, demonstrating readiness to showcase their products and technologies in dedicated stall spaces. Moreover, industry representatives showcased strong enthusiasm for collaborating with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries for planned event sessions. The discussion also welcomed valuable suggestions and feedback from the participants.

In her concluding remarks, Secretary Smt. Anita Praveen emphasized the collective responsibility of all stakeholders in ensuring the success of World Food India 2024. She stressed the importance of harnessing individual strengths and providing supplementary support to cultivate robust partnerships and engagement across diverse stakeholders.

World Food India 2024 is poised to be a significant platform for industry players to showcase their contributions to the food-processing sector and explore collaborative opportunities to drive growth in the sector. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries remains committed to facilitating a vibrant and fruitful event, bringing together key players and fostering innovation in the food industry.

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