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Ministry of Education Launches Implementation Manual for Tobacco-Free Educational Institutions on World No Tobacco Day

New Delhi: In a significant move to promote a healthier environment for students, the Department of School Education & Literacy (DoSEL) under the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Socio Economic and Educational Development Society (SEEDS), launched the Implementation Manual of Tobacco Free Educational Institutions (ToFEI) today. This initiative aligns with the theme of World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) 2024, “Protecting children from tobacco industry interference.”

The newly launched manual aims to assist schools in adhering to the ToFEI guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, fostering a tobacco-free environment for students. This proactive step empowers stakeholders to adopt and enforce measures protecting students from the dangers of tobacco.

Sanjay Kumar, Secretary of DoSEL, emphasized the urgency of creating tobacco-free zones in educational institutions. “All educational institutions should take steps to discourage the use of tobacco and safeguard children from addiction,” Kumar stated in his message preceding the event.

Unveiling the manual, Anandrao V. Patil, Additional Secretary of DoSEL, highlighted the moral obligation to protect children from tobacco. He underscored the importance of creating a safe educational environment and addressed the grim mortality rates linked to tobacco consumption. Patil encouraged stakeholders to actively implement the guidelines provided in the ToFEI manual.

Dr. Amarpreet Duggal, Joint Secretary of DoSEL, welcomed participants to the launch event, stressing the importance of collaborative efforts to combat tobacco use among students. Citing the Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS) 2019, Duggal mentioned that 8.5% of students aged 13 to 15 consume tobacco, highlighting the critical need for this initiative.

During the event, all dignitaries reaffirmed their commitment to a tobacco-free future by taking an oath against tobacco use. The event saw the participation of senior officials from the Ministry of Education, autonomous bodies, and representatives from States and Union Territories. Dr. Rana J Singh and Deepak Mishra of SEEDS were also present to lend their support.

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