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Karmayogi Bharat Achieves Milestones in Competency-Based Learning for Government Officials

New Delhi: During a recent board meeting, Karmayogi Bharat, the platform dedicated to competency-based learning for government officials, celebrated two significant milestones: surpassing 1 crore course enrolments and offering more than 1000 courses on the platform. The board hailed these achievements as a testament to the platform’s pivotal role in fostering competency-based learning among government officials.

The meeting also lauded the integration of the e-HRMS platform with iGOT Karmayogi, enabling role-based governance by deploying officers based on their competencies and capabilities. This integration is expected to streamline operations and enhance efficiency in government functioning.

Furthermore, the collaboration with NITI Aayog for the States platform, particularly the SAMARTH curated programs, received appreciation for driving capacity-building initiatives at the block and district levels.

The launch of courses on three new criminal laws passed by Parliament and the Digital Personal Data Protection Act was commended for reflecting Karmayogi Bharat’s commitment to imparting training on contemporary issues to officials involved in citizen-centric governance.

The Jan Karmayogi initiative, aimed at empowering field officials to effectively implement key development programs, was highlighted as a significant step towards grassroots governance. Additionally, the Gyaan Karmayogi repository on iGOT, serving as a comprehensive knowledge repository for civil servants, was acknowledged as a valuable addition to the platform.

The board meeting, attended by prominent members including government officials and representatives from various sectors, affirmed its focus on impact assessment, activating the content marketplace, and sourcing high-quality assessments and content to enhance learning outcomes.

Individual presentations by team leads on broader strategic goals for the future were met with feedback from board members, fostering collaboration and alignment towards shared objectives.

In conclusion, the meeting concluded with a pledge to intensify efforts in playing a transformational role in transitioning from rule-based to role-based governance, thereby contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of government operations.

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