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Indian Coast Guard Detains Iranian Fishing Vessel off Kerala Coast

Kochi, India: The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) carried out a successful operation late on May 5, resulting in the detention of an Iranian fishing vessel off the coast of Kerala, west of Beypore. The operation, marked by swift sea-air coordination, involved ICG ships and aircraft to intercept the vessel.

Upon intercepting the boat, an ICG team promptly boarded the vessel and conducted a thorough investigation to ascertain any involvement in anti-national activities. Initial findings revealed that the vessel was owned by an Iranian sponsor who had hired six Indian crew members from Tamil Nadu. The crew members had been issued Iranian visas for the purpose of fishing off the coast of Iran.

During the investigation, the crew members alleged mistreatment by the sponsor and reported being deprived of basic living conditions, including the confiscation of their passports. Subsequently, the crew members made the decision to escape from Iran to India using the same vessel.

The detained Iranian fishing vessel was safely escorted to Kochi for further investigation on May 6, 2024. The Indian authorities are now conducting a detailed inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the vessel’s detention and the experiences of the crew members.

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