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India's Coal Sector Surpasses 900 Million Tonnes Production Mark, Fuels Robust Employment Growth

India’s Coal Sector Surpasses 900 Million Tonnes Production Mark, Fuels Robust Employment Growth


New Delhi:  India’s coal sector has emerged as a cornerstone in powering the nation’s energy demands, achieving a commendable milestone with a coal production surpassing 900 million tonnes as of March 6. Projections suggest the sector is on track to reach over 1 billion tonnes in the current financial year, underscoring its crucial role in driving economic growth.

The coal industry, spearheaded by prominent Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) such as Coal India Limited and NLC India Limited, has not only played a pivotal role in fulfilling the country’s energy requirements but has also become a major source of employment, especially in coal-rich regions.

As of the latest data, the coal sector’s collective workforce stands at an impressive 369,053 individuals, with an additional 128,236 contractual workers contributing to the industry’s operations. Moreover, the sector provides support to approximately 3.1 lakh pensioners, highlighting its extensive impact on livelihoods and social welfare.

Coal India Limited and its subsidiaries, as well as NLC India Limited, have been proactive in addressing employment needs through sustained recruitment efforts. Between 2014 and February 2024, Coal India Limited added 59,681 personnel to its workforce, while NLC India Limited recruited 4,265 individuals during the same period.

The ongoing financial year has witnessed an intensified focus on recruitment, with Coal India Limited and its subsidiaries hiring 5,711 individuals under the Mission Mode Recruitment initiative. Simultaneously, NLC India Limited has recruited 661 personnel during this period, emphasizing a commitment to bolstering employment opportunities and supporting economic growth.

The surge in coal mining activities, driven by escalating demand, is anticipated to continue fostering employment growth in the foreseeable future. Beyond providing direct job opportunities, the mining sector’s expansion generates significant indirect employment, contributing to overall socio-economic development nationwide.

The coal sector remains steadfast in its commitment to inclusive growth, aiming to transform the lives of thousands through sustainable livelihoods. As the industry continues to expand, it not only fuels the nation’s energy needs but also stands as a driving force behind employment and economic development across India.

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