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Indian Navy Thwarts Somali Pirates' Attempt to Hijack Ships in Region

Indian Navy Thwarts Somali Pirates’ Attempt to Hijack Ships in Region

Ex-MV Ruen Intercepted by Indian Navy Warship

Mumbai: The Indian Navy has successfully intercepted the ex-MV Ruen, a vessel commandeered by Somali pirates, thwarting their nefarious designs to hijack ships traversing the region. The interception, which took place on March 15, marks a significant victory in the ongoing battle against piracy in the high seas.

The ex-MV Ruen, previously hijacked by Somali pirates on December 14, 2023, was reportedly sailing as a pirate ship with intentions to engage in acts of piracy. However, the swift and decisive action by the Indian Navy prevented the pirates from executing their plans.

The encounter between the Indian Navy warship and the pirate vessel was not without peril. The pirates, upon being intercepted, resorted to opening fire on the warship. However, adhering to international law and protocols, the Indian Navy responded with measured force, aimed at neutralizing the threat posed by the pirates while ensuring the safety of shipping and seafarers in the vicinity.

Commander Rajesh Kumar, spokesperson for the Indian Navy, emphasized the commitment of the Navy to maritime security and the safety of seafarers. “Our actions were taken in self-defense and in accordance with international law to counter piracy threats in the region. The primary objective remains the protection of civilian lives and safeguarding maritime interests,” stated Commander Kumar.

Furthermore, the Indian Navy has issued a stern call for the pirates onboard the ex-MV Ruen to surrender peacefully and release the vessel along with any civilians they may be holding against their will. The Navy stands firm in its resolve to uphold maritime law and order, ensuring the unfettered passage of vessels through these waters.

This successful operation underscores the Indian Navy’s vigilance and capability in combating maritime threats, particularly piracy, which continues to pose a significant challenge to global maritime commerce and security.

As the situation unfolds, the Indian Navy remains poised to take necessary actions to preserve peace and stability in the region, sending a clear message to pirates that their unlawful activities will not go unchecked.

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