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India Makes Landmark Debut at World Hydrogen Summit 2024

Rotterdam: In a historic moment for India’s renewable energy landscape, the country has established its maiden pavilion at the prestigious World Hydrogen Summit 2024, currently underway in Rotterdam, Netherlands from May 13th to 15th, 2024. The India Pavilion, spearheaded by the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Government of India, stands as one of the largest pavilions at the Summit, marking India’s proactive stance in embracing green hydrogen technologies on the global stage.

The inauguration of the India Pavilion, led by Secretary Bhupinder S. Bhalla of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy on May 12, 2024, heralds India’s commitment to leveraging hydrogen as a key enabler of its sustainable energy future.

With an anticipated attendance of around 15,000 delegates from across the globe, the World Hydrogen Summit serves as a nexus for stakeholders in the green hydrogen ecosystem. The presence of the India Pavilion provides a unique platform for India to showcase its advancements in green hydrogen technology and its ambitious initiatives in this realm.

The Indian delegation, comprising representatives from the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, and private sector companies, underscores the multi-stakeholder approach adopted by India in advancing its green hydrogen agenda. The Summit offers a fertile ground for both governmental and private entities to engage in collaborative discussions and forge strategic partnerships with global counterparts.

India’s National Green Hydrogen Mission, launched in January 2023 with a significant outlay of Rs. 19,744 crores, underscores the nation’s commitment to scaling up green hydrogen production. With a bold target of achieving a green hydrogen production capacity of 5 MMT (Million Metric Tonnes) by 2030, India has already made substantial progress. The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy has awarded tenders for the establishment of 412,000 tonnes of green hydrogen production capacity and 1,500 MW of electrolyzer manufacturing capacity.

Furthermore, India has taken concrete steps to integrate green hydrogen into key sectors such as steel, transport/mobility, and shipping through notified scheme guidelines. The Department of Science and Technology’s Hydrogen Valley Innovation Clusters initiative aims to foster innovation and nurture a robust green hydrogen ecosystem within the country.

In a move towards enhancing transparency and accessibility, India has recently launched a dedicated portal for the National Green Hydrogen Mission. The portal, available at, serves as a comprehensive repository of information on the Mission’s objectives, progress, and initiatives, further amplifying India’s commitment to driving the global transition towards a sustainable hydrogen economy.

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