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India and Italy Strengthen Defence Ties in 10th Joint Committee Meeting

India and Italy Strengthen Defence Ties in 10th Joint Committee Meeting


New Delhi:  The Defence Secretary of India, Giridhar Aramane, and the Italian Secretary General of Defence & National Armament Director, Lt Gen Luciano Portolano, co-chaired the 10th India-Italy Joint Defence Committee (JDC) meeting in New Delhi today. The high-level meeting focused on advancing defence industrial cooperation between the two nations.

During the discussions, both sides addressed a spectrum of issues related to defence and military collaboration. The meeting provided a platform for the exchange of views on regional security, particularly in the Indo-Pacific, and the evolving security scenarios globally.

A significant aspect of the meeting was the emphasis on enhancing defence industrial cooperation, building upon the foundation laid by the agreement on defence cooperation signed in October 2023 during the visit of India’s Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, to Italy. The agreement serves as the overarching framework for deepening bilateral defence ties.

The Defence Secretary underscored the importance of joint projects and co-production ventures, signaling the intent to bring defence companies from both countries together. The aim is to foster collaboration and leverage the strengths of each nation in the defence manufacturing sector. The meeting explored various avenues for joint projects and initiatives that could contribute to technological advancements and strengthen the defence capabilities of both nations.

In a strategic move, Shri Giridhar Aramane suggested the integration of Indian vendors into the global supply chains of Italian defence companies. This proposal aims to bring mutual value by enhancing efficiency, promoting innovation, and improving supply chain resilience. The integration would not only benefit both countries economically but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of the defence industry on a global scale.

As India and Italy continue to deepen their defence ties, the outcomes of the 10th India-Italy Joint Defence Committee meeting mark a significant step towards fostering collaboration in the defence sector and addressing shared security challenges. The commitment to joint initiatives and technological cooperation sets the stage for a strengthened partnership in the realm of defence and national security.

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