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Delhi Zoo Celebrates International Day of Forests with Innovative Activities

Delhi Zoo Celebrates International Day of Forests with Innovative Activities

New Delhi: The National Zoological Park, popularly known as Delhi Zoo, marked the International Day of Forests on March 21st with a series of engaging activities centered around the theme “Forests and innovation: new solutions for a better world”. The event aimed to raise awareness about the vital role of forests and plants in our ecosystem, as well as to promote sustainable practices for their preservation.

The day commenced with a lively doodle art activity held at the Education Centre within the National Zoological Park premises. Visitors of all ages enthusiastically participated in the creative endeavor, highlighting the significance of forests and biodiversity through art. Following this, a thought-provoking film on Mission-LiFE was screened, shedding light on the importance of forest conservation and sustainable management practices.

One of the highlights of the event was a plantation drive organized in the vicinity of a recently rejuvenated water body within the zoo premises. Dedicated staff members of the National Zoological Park led the initiative, planting trees to contribute to the restoration and expansion of green spaces. The plantation drive not only symbolized a commitment to environmental conservation but also provided visitors with an opportunity to actively participate in the greening efforts.

“Forest sustainable management and the responsible use of resources are pivotal in combating climate change and ensuring the well-being of present and future generations,” remarked [Organizer’s Name], [Organizer’s Designation] at the National Zoological Park. “Through innovative techniques and community engagement, we can collectively safeguard our precious natural resources and create a sustainable future.”

The International Day of Forests serves as a reminder of the critical importance of forests in maintaining ecological balance, regulating climate, and supporting biodiversity. Events such as those organized by the National Zoological Park not only educate the public but also inspire action towards the conservation and sustainable utilization of forest resources.

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