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CSIR-NISCPR Hosts Student-Science Connect Program on Climate Change and Sustainability

New Delhi: In a bid to foster scientific curiosity and environmental consciousness among school students, the Jigyasa Division of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)-National Institute of Science Communication and Policy Research (NISCPR) organized a Student-Science Connect program titled “Impact of Climate Change: Food and Water Sustainability” at the Vivekananda Hall, CSIR-NISCPR campus, New Delhi.

The program, held today, aimed to engage young minds and inspire action towards sustainability through science education. A total of 55 students from Kendriya Vidyalaya BSF Camp Chawla and Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri, New Delhi, participated in the event.

Speaking at the program, Prof. Ranjana Aggarwal, Director of CSIR-NISCPR, highlighted the significance of addressing climate change issues and the institution’s commitment to promoting environmental awareness. She unveiled the “Wrinkle Achche Hain” campaign, encouraging staff to wear non-ironed clothes to promote energy conservation. Prof. Aggarwal emphasized the importance of raising awareness about climate change and empowering students to actively engage in environmental conservation efforts.

The event featured an interactive activity titled “Doing Science is Fun,” led by Amit Kumar Sharma from the Nirbhaya Science Museum, MCD, New Delhi. Students had the opportunity to explore scientific concepts in an engaging and enjoyable manner. Additionally, the program included a visit to the SVASTIK Exhibition, providing students with insights into various scientific innovations and discoveries.

Principal Investigator and Nodal of the CSIR-NIScPR Jigyasa project, Dr. Suman Ray, along with Dr. Shiv Narayan Nishad and Dr. Kanika Malik, Senior Scientists at CSIR-NIScPR, graced the event with their presence, underscoring the institute’s commitment to nurturing scientific curiosity among students.

The Student-Science Connect program served as a platform for students to learn about the impacts of climate change on food and water sustainability while fostering a deeper understanding of environmental challenges and solutions. Through such initiatives, CSIR-NISCPR aims to empower the younger generation to become responsible stewards of the environment and champions of sustainable development.

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