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Air India Express Flights Canceled as Cabin Crew Stage Mass Sick Leave Protest

New Delhi: In an unprecedented turn of events, over 70 Air India Express flights faced cancellation as senior cabin crew members resorted to a “mass sick leave” protest, leaving the airline scrambling to manage the disruption. The sudden sick leave by approximately 300 cabin crew members resulted in flight cancellations affecting both international and domestic routes, with a total of 79 flights grounded.

According to official sources, the cabin crew members opted for mass sick leave in protest against the new employment terms introduced at the Tata Group-owned airline, following its merger with Air India. Alleging a lack of equality in treatment post-merger, the protesting crew members claimed that some staff members were offered lower job positions despite successfully clearing interviews.

The Air India Express management is actively trying to reach out to the protesting crew members, who reportedly switched off their mobile phones. The airline has assured that it is engaging with the crew to understand the reasons behind the protest and is working to minimize inconvenience to passengers.

In response to the disruption, an Air India Express spokesperson issued a statement, expressing regret over the unexpected flight cancellations and emphasizing that the situation does not reflect the standard of service the airline aims to provide. The spokesperson assured affected passengers that they would be offered full refunds or complimentary rescheduling to alternative dates.

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