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Countdown to International Day of Yoga Celebrated by MDoNER at VigyanBhawan Annexe

New Delhi: In anticipation of the upcoming International Day of Yoga, the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (MDoNER) organized a vibrant countdown event at VigyanBhawan Annexe in New Delhi. The event, attended by Secretary and officers/officials of MDoNER, along with CISF officers and staff posted in VigyanBhawan Annexe, aimed to promote the timeless benefits of yoga deeply rooted in Indian heritage.

Under the guidance of Yoga Instructor and Demonstrators from MDNIY (Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga), participants actively engaged in dynamic yoga practices designed to nurture holistic well-being. Secretary DoNER underscored the pivotal role of yoga in fostering physical, mental, and spiritual health, emphasizing its transformative impact on individuals.

As MDoNER took the lead in hosting the countdown to this significant day, it reiterated India’s unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of health and wellness through yoga. The event at Vigyan Bhawan served as a poignant reminder of yoga’s universal appeal and its enduring relevance in addressing contemporary challenges.

Yoga, deeply entrenched in ancient Indian tradition, has garnered global recognition for its profound positive effects on physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. The event organized by MDoNER underscored the importance of integrating yoga into daily life to cultivate a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

With the International Day of Yoga fast approaching, such initiatives not only celebrate India’s rich cultural heritage but also serve as catalysts for promoting the widespread adoption of yoga for the betterment of individuals and communities alike.

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