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Bhubaneswar Metro Rail Project to Stay on Track, Says Minister

Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar metro rail project is set to continue as per the established timeline and meet its previously set deadline, assured Krushna Chandra Mohapatra, Minister of Housing and Urban Development, during a high-level departmental meeting on Thursday.

Commitment to Timely Completion

Chairing the meeting, Minister Mohapatra emphasized the importance of Bhubaneswar’s development into a global city, given its status as the state capital. “The metro rail project is a crucial component of this vision and must be completed on schedule,” he stated.

Focus on Comprehensive Urban Development

Minister Mohapatra underscored the need for proactive development across all urban areas within the state. He called for increased activity from Notified Area Councils (NACs), municipalities, and municipal corporations, urging them to enhance infrastructure and modern facilities.

Addressing Urban Flooding

The minister highlighted the issue of artificial flooding in urban areas, particularly in Bhubaneswar, and stressed the importance of an efficient drainage system. “Development works should prioritize people’s welfare alongside infrastructure improvements,” he added.

Following the minister’s directives, the department has issued guidelines on rainwater and floodwater management in urban areas. Municipal officials have been instructed to adhere to these guidelines to mitigate flooding issues.

Achievements in Urban Development

G. Mathivathanan, Additional Chief Secretary of the Housing & Urban Development Department, presented a detailed overview of the department’s achievements under various schemes and programs. His presentation, titled “Successful Journey in Urban Development,” showcased the progress made and future plans for urban enhancement in the state.

The Bhubaneswar metro rail project, a cornerstone of the city’s development strategy, is expected to significantly boost connectivity and urban infrastructure, reinforcing Bhubaneswar’s status as a burgeoning global city.

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