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Bhubaneswar Gears Up for Holi Celebrations with Tight Security Measures

Bhubaneswar: In the wake of the festival of Holi, Bhubaneswar is bracing itself with tight security arrangements to ensure the safety and smooth conduct of the festivities on March 26 (Tuesday). At least 15 platoons of police personnel are set to be deployed across the city to prevent any untoward incidents during the colourful celebrations.

Under the supervision of the Commissionerate Police, security personnel along with members of the Strike Force will be stationed at 31 strategic locations throughout the city. This measure aims to maintain law and order and facilitate the peaceful observance of the festival of colors.

In addition to static security deployments, the city police will organize 17 mobile teams to patrol various areas and keep a close watch on any antisocial activities. Furthermore, heightened vigilance will be maintained at the four bathing ghats in Bhubaneswar, ensuring the safety of individuals participating in traditional Holi rituals.

One of the key focuses of the police force during the festivities will be to crack down on instances of drunk driving, with stringent action planned against offenders. Additionally, stalls selling chemical colors will be closely monitored to prevent the sale of potentially harmful substances.

To enhance surveillance capabilities, authorities will regularly review footage from the closed-circuit television cameras (CCTVs) strategically positioned across the city. This proactive approach will enable law enforcement agencies to swiftly respond to any security concerns and maintain a secure environment for residents and visitors alike.

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