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Bhitarkanika National Park To Remain Shut for 3 Months from May 1

 Annual Measure Aims to Ensure Safe Mating Season for Estuarine Crocodiles

Bhubaneswar: In the wake of the breeding season of saltwater crocodiles, Odisha has announced a three-month ban on the entry of tourists and visitors to Bhitarkanika National Park, effective from May 1.

The decision, enforced by the Forest Department, aims to protect the nesting habitats of estuarine crocodiles and ensure minimal disruption during their mating period.

The restrictions are imposed every year during the season. The annual measure ensures safe mating as disturbance by tourists during their breeding season could lead to heightened aggression and pose risks to both humans and the reptiles. The ban also addresses concerns regarding the noise pollution caused by mechanized boats used for transporting tourists and Forest Department officials, which can disrupt the natural behavior of the crocodiles.

Notably, crocodile attacks are more prevalent during the breeding season, making it imperative to minimize human interference in their habitats. In addition to restricting tourist entry, the Forest Department has implemented measures to control the movement of locals within the forest areas. Illegal activities such as honey collection and wood gathering, which disturb the crocodiles, have been identified as potential threats to their breeding habitats.

Forest guards have been deployed to monitor the nesting sites of crocodiles, particularly near water bodies, where the reptiles lay their eggs. These measures are essential to ensure the safety of both crocodiles and humans during this critical period of their reproductive cycle.

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