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Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Ministry of Communications, has taken a pro-active drive to prevent malicious incoming calls and safeguarding cyber crimes and frauds.

Beware of Fraud Calls: Commissionerate Police Issues Warning Against Voter ID Update Scam

Bhubaneswar:  In a bid to alert citizens about the growing menace of cyber fraud, the Commissionerate Police in Bhubaneswar has issued a stern warning regarding a new method adopted by cybercriminals to deceive unsuspecting individuals. The latest scam involves fraudulent calls from strangers posing as officials and soliciting personal details under the guise of updating voter IDs.

DCP Prateek Singh of Bhubaneswar highlighted the alarming trend of cyber looters resorting to innovative tactics to prey on vulnerable individuals, particularly during the election season. These fraudsters employ deceptive techniques, such as making fake calls and falsely claiming that individuals need to update their voter cards to be eligible to vote.

Singh cautioned that falling victim to such fraudulent calls could have devastating consequences, including financial loss as cybercriminals swiftly empty bank accounts within seconds of obtaining sensitive information.

To combat this growing threat, the Commissionerate Police advises individuals who receive such suspicious calls to take immediate action. They are encouraged to lodge a complaint through the ‘Chakshu’ portal, an online platform dedicated to reporting suspected fraud communications. Additionally, individuals can dial ‘1930’ to file a report and seek assistance from authorities.

The Commissionerate Police’s proactive stance underscores its commitment to safeguarding citizens against cybercrimes and ensuring the security of personal information. As scams evolve and cybercriminals employ increasingly sophisticated tactics, public awareness and timely reporting remain crucial in thwarting their nefarious activities.

In the face of emerging cyber threats, the Commissionerate Police urges citizens to remain vigilant, exercise caution when sharing personal information over the phone, and promptly report any suspicious communications to the authorities. By staying informed and proactive, individuals can help stem the tide of cyber fraud and protect themselves from falling victim to such scams.

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