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Arunachal Pradesh Gears Up for Major Road Infrastructure Boost: Rs. 6621.62 Crore Sanctioned for Frontier Highway

New Delhi: Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Nitin Gadkari, announced a significant development for the road infrastructure in Arunachal Pradesh. In a recent post, he revealed that an allocation of Rs. 6621.62 crore has been sanctioned for the construction of eight packages on National Highway-913, designated as the Frontier Highway. This transformative project involves transitioning to an Intermediate Lane configuration and spans a total length of 265.49 km.

The comprehensive initiative includes various packages covering strategically important sections, namely Huri-Taliha, Bile-Migging, Kharsang-Maio-Gandhigram-Vijaynagar, and Bomdila-Nafra-Lada. Nitin Gadkari highlighted that the development of these highway stretches aims to significantly enhance connectivity to border areas, fostering socio-economic growth in the region.

One of the key objectives of the Frontier Highway project is to curb migration and facilitate reverse migration towards the border areas of Arunachal Pradesh. The improved connectivity is expected to bring about positive changes in the socio-economic fabric of the region.

Moreover, these road stretches play a crucial role in establishing essential infrastructure that connects significant river basins. This, in turn, enables the development of numerous hydropower projects within the state. The Frontier Highway is designed to link uninhabited and sparsely populated areas of Upper Arunachal, making it conducive to tourism.

The Minister emphasized that the predominantly greenfield road anticipates a substantial increase in traffic due to heightened tourism activities in the future. The project aligns with the government’s commitment to developing robust infrastructure in border regions, contributing to the overall growth and well-being of the nation.

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